A Brilliant Idea for the New Marlins Ballpark

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now that the Marlins are planning on breaking ground on the new stadium this summer (!!!), details are beginning to emerge about the stadium's design and amenities. The Herald examined some of the plans for the new stadium, noting that it will feature:

  • A retractable roof (obv) - David Samson expects to have the roof closed at least 60 times per season. If this seems excessive, then clearly you have never been to Miami. Even on a good night the mercury rarely dips below 80 during the summer.
  • A capacity of 37,000 seats, with about 60 luxury suites.
  • The dimensions will be as pitcher-friendly as those of Dolphin Stadium: 416 feet to dead center, 420 feet in a Bermuda Triangle in left center, 392 in right center. Jeffrey Loria said he is working on a surprising feature in dead center. Perhaps a moat with alligators? If he copies the knoll and flagpole in Minute Maid Park, I will be severely disappointed.
  • The concourse will include ''Taste of Miami'' food courts featuring local specialties like croquetas, sushi and stone crabs. This is a great idea, hopefully they will continue serving arepas as well. And I'd like to see some Cuban coffee served during day games too. I think Ted would agree that no afternoon in Miami is complete without a cafecito.
This is a good start, but I have one idea to add, one which Ted and I have discussed for years. Every ballpark has a stadium organist, but these unsung heroes of the stadium experience are often relegated to bland-sounding electric synthesizers. We think it would be awesome to see a real live (and quite loud) pipe organ just above the centerfield wall of the new ballpark. I think this beats almost any centerfield surprise that Loria is thinking of (except maybe the alligators). Sure it may cost a lot to just to keep the thing in tune... but who cares? Awesomeness trumps all in this case, I think.

Image via marlinsnewballpark.com


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