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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friend of the blog SporTech informed us this morning that SS1a Hanley Ramirez was a little upset this week. Hanley was forced to cut off his cornrows by the team, who have instituted a no-long-hair policy. Josh Johnson, Cameron Maybin, and Leo Nunez were also forced to trim their coifs, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Hanley got upset, half-jokingly demanded a trade, and wrote "I'm sick of this shit" on his chest with a sharpie. Luckily, David Samson, Larry Beinfest, and Mike Hill were able to talk Hanley off the ledge, and everything appears ok.

Fredi Gonzalez was quoted in the story, saying "We want to look professional," but I have a feeling he's not responsible for the new policy (Most managers don't wait until their third year with the team to do something like this). Ted thinks Jeffrey Loria is responsible (He wants the team to look like sophisticated art dealers, argues Ted). Regardless, I'm taking Hanley's side here, and think the team should worry about anything else besides their players' hair. Marlins fans may remember that a past manager instituted a crew-cuts-only policy a few years back...

Not suave.

I think the front office and coaching staff may want to think twice before imitating Joe Girardi. Sure, he's won Manager of the Year, but he's also taken a year off of Josh Johnson's career...


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