And come to think of it, Fredi Gonzalez kind of reminds me of Doc from Cannery Row...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When asked about the Marlins' sweep against the Nationals this afternoon, John Baker told the Miami Herald:

''We stole a game yesterday, we stole another one today, we stole one the first day,'' Baker said Sunday. He delivered one of the clutch hits in the latest comeback. "It's kind of like Crime and Punishment, isn't it? We're worried sneaking off the field that we're going to get arrested for stealing these games.''
+1 for the literature reference, proving that he is infinitely more literate than the popular image of the ballplayer. But I'm not impressed. Dostoevsky references are obvious. When Baker starts comparing Joe Morgan to Pangloss, or Hanley to McClintic Sphere, then I'll be impressed.


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