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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here at Marlins Die-Hards, we have done a few things to highlight the fact that we don't believe that our team will keep it's best players. We have the Future Former Marlins series1. We also have the Marlins Trade Pool. But, as semi-serious as each of those is, it is still mainly a joke because let's face it, we have no clue when it comes to how to manage a ball club or what the real men in suits will choose to do.

So last night as I'm scrolling through my RSS feeds around 11:00pm after a pleasant and uplifiting Marlins victory, I find a new post from the Marlins blog at the Miami Herald. The title? "Where Will Josh Johnson Be In 2012?" Really? Are we starting that already? I opened the the full article to see if it was just a misleading headline or if the writer chose to elaborate in five paragraphs on his point. The latter.

Don't think the New York Yankees weren't watching Josh Johnson with great interest tonight. I'm not talking about the befuddled Yankees' hitters, who squeezed out a run during the seven innings Johnson was on the hill. I'm talking about the big boys upstairs, the Hank Steinbrenners and Brian Cashmans. They know that unless the Marlins lock up Johnson before his arbitration years expire after the 2011 season, he probably won't be around to make the Opening Day start for the Marlins when their new ballpark opens in '12. He'll be gone, either through free agency or via a trade as the Marlins look to recoup value for him.
Look, I understand that JJ, like any Marlin, will be the subject of trade/free agency rumors, because he is very good. But, can't we just enjoy his nastiness and not worry about long term things that we have no control over. He is still under total team control for his final two years of arbitration eligibility. I know he could become a free agent in 2012. Talk to me about that in 2011. Either that or just step in the box and have JJ launch a 98mph heater at your neck. Your choice.

1 Stay tuned for the resumption of this series.


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