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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ed. note: I prepared this post at about 3:52 this afternoon when it appeared the Marlins' trade for Nick Johnson would fall through. Here's the melodramatic lament that would have come had the trade not been revived at (seemingly) the last second...

Despite reports that the Marlins were thisclose to trading for Nick Johnson, the team made no deals ahead of the trading deadline. So we are still stuck with Emilio Bonifacio at third base, unless the Marlins can pick up someone off the waiver wire or promote a minor leaguer (Gaby Sanchez? Cameron Maybin by moving Chris Coghlan to third?). Clearly, Larry Beinfest and Michael Hill are trying to test our devotion to the Marlins. Why else would they continue to trot out the third-worst everyday player in the majors when someone off the scrap heap would clearly be an improvement? I think I'm going to have another emo eagles moment...


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