Can we move the Pirates to the AL or something?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Pittsburgh Pirates are like Rick Santorum: Both ceased to be relevant a long time ago, but I still wish they would disappear for good.

The Pirates are 4-0 against the Fish this year after winning 7-4 last night. They are 75-60 all-time against the Marlins. This despite the fact that the Pirates have been the worst team in the National League over the past 15 years.

Also, I will say this again. These hats are among the worst uniform design ideas in the history of Major League Baseball. Worse than the White Sox in shorts, worse than the all-red Indians uniforms, worse than Pittsburgh's red alternate jersey from a few years ago. It needs to stop. MLB should go back to wearing the American flag patch on hats for holidays. Sure, you'll get this every once in a while, but that is preferable to this. Rant over.


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