Marlins Break Ground on New Empty Stadium

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday in Little Havana, the Marlins broke ground for their new stadium on the grounds of the dearly departed Orange Bowl. The team also released a number of new renderings of the new stadium, which will include blue seats (Adam Smoot is gonna be pissed...). The Miami Herald has a slide show of the new renderings here. Though it was sad to see the Orange Bowl go (Ted and I practically grew up in the dump), at least we'll finally get a decent stadium to see Marlins games (at an exorbitant cost to South Florida taxpayers, but hey, I don't live there anymore, so it's not my problem). The new park will have a pool and air conditioning, just like every other building in Miami. It will also be a pitchers' park, with dimensions similar to those at Joe Robbie Land Shark Stadium (including 422 feet to centerfield). I'm in favor of that. The food courts will also have Cuban food. I likes.

It looks like a nice stadium. I don't have much to add, so take a look at Dan LeBatard's thoughts on the new stadium. Also at the Herald this weekend, Israel Gutierrez says the Marlins need to lock up Josh Johnson long term as soon as they can. I agree. Loria must be swimming in revenue-sharing money with the Marlins' tiny payroll. Make it happen. The Brewers were able to lock up Ryan Braun at well below his market value by getting him early before he got used to caviar for breakfast. Though it is risky to tie up so much money into a young player, it is the only way for teams with low revenue like the Marlins and Brewers to afford stars. If the Fish let Johnson slip away, they will regret it for years.

Stadium rendering via Miami Herald.


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