Marlins In Serious Talks For New Large Closer

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Late last night and throughout this morning there have been multiple reports about the Marlins aggressively pursuing Heath Bell of the Padres in a trade. Reportedly the asking price begins at either Andrew Miller or Sean West. Have the Padres not seen or read about Miller's two recent starts in the minors? We can talk about that later, but what dawned on me was that if we acquire Bell, the Marlins would once again have a closer who could be classified as a large man (I'm trying to be nice here, I could've said fat). Why is this important? Well, the majority of the Marlins closers that have been good have been large, and do not look like elite athletes. Here is some photographic evidence.

So needless to say, the Fish need to try and get this deal done. Matt Lindstrom and Leo Nunez are far too fit and slim to be counted on as closers. They need to assume the setup roles and leave the closing duties to a man that can handle it. Heath Bell, that is you.


David July 30, 2009 at 2:56 PM  

That may be the skinniest I've ever seen Alfonseca. This all reminds me of my favorite Todd Jones quote. When someone asked him about the implementation of drug testing, he replied, "As long as they don't test for Little Debbies, I'll be fine."

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