Snake Revenge: Stage One Complete

Friday, July 10, 2009

I was going to write a post yesterday evening about how we needed to avenge our last series with the Diamondbacks, which was most assuredly awful. We managed to win game one of a doubleheader after nearly blowing it, but lost the other three games in the series. In each of those losses we had a 2- or 3-run lead as late as the seventh inning but coughed each one up due to a collapsing bullpen and some guy named Mark Reynolds, who sounds like he should be sitting in a cubicle next to me, instead of being a major league baseball player. This was also shortly after Arizona fired there manager and was playing poorly before the series. Lucky for them, we were a slump-buster at that point in the season.

But that was then, and this is now. Just last week we overcame our longtime nemesis, the Somali Pittsburgh Pirates, with an assist from the motivational writings of Adam Smoot. Now we shall take down these D-backs, or better yet, let them take down themselves. Good God their bullpen is awful. Last night they coughed up a seven run lead and it only took them two innings to do so. Not only did they give up the lead, they allowed us to double them up 14-7, to eliminate any chance of the Marlins bullpen returning the favor. Two errors and shoddy fielding also helped out the Arizona pen in getting their job done.

I don't think much motivational writing is needed. Marlins, if you're reading, just wait for strikes, don't get yourself out, and put the ball in play. That should increase our chances of winning above 100%. Thanks! Stage two is tonight with the resurgent Ricky Nolasco taking on ::looks up pitching matchup:: Dan Haren. Uh oh, forgot about Danny. The D-backs pen could get the night off.

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