Trade Deadline

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Marlins have traded minor-leaguer Aaron Thompson to the Nationals for Nick Johnson.

The deal seems really good for the Marlins. Jorge Cantu will likely displace Bonifacio at third, while Johnson moves into first base and the two-hole in the lineup. The Nats will be paying most of Johnson's remaining salary, and all the Marlins had to give up was a former first-rounder who couldn't get noticed in the minors behind Josh Johnson, Andrew Miller, Chris Volstad et al., and struggled this year in Double-A ball. Suckers. Welcome to the team, Nick. Don't fuck this up for us.

No one had Aaron in this year's Trade Pool, and it looks like there will be no winner this year, unless something else hits the news late. So no one is getting a free 12-pack from me this year. That's too bad for everyone else, but I'll be celebrating later with some Bell's Oberon.


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