Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, that wasn't how I expected things to go...

On the plus side, Ted stumbled upon this last night:

Not to pile on Hermida here, but at what point do the Marlins consider calling Cameron Maybin back up and moving Cody Ross to right field? Hermida hasn't been terrible (his OPS+ is currently 92, which is only slightly below average), but Maybin has been putting up much better numbers in triple-A New Orleans (.415 OBP and 6 triples). Also, Maybin appears to be a better leadoff option than Chris Coghlan. The Marlins made a logical move trading for Nick Johnson in order to bench Emilio Bonifacio, will they apply their logic to Hermida, the one-time future of the franchise?

One other thought: start Josh Johnson in right field on days he doesn't pitch. Can't argue with that power...


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