Introducing the Marlins Die-Hards Glossary

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ted and I have begun compiling a glossary of terms useful for understanding Marlins fandom. We have posted a link to the glossary in the sidebar. Here is another link.

There are only five terms in the glossary at the moment, but we are open to adding more, and welcome reader suggestions (unlike those elitists at the O.E.D.). Some guidelines for suggestions:

  1. Be creative. Try not to be too obvious.
  2. We already have definitions for three different types of saves, so spare us any additional suggestions unless they're really good.
  3. Don't be too clever, we're looking for terms that stand the test of time. Only colossal events like a Jorge Julio blown save or wasted Emilio Bonifacio at bats are worthy of preserving for prosperity. We don't need to immortalize middling players like Orestes Destrade; only the really great and incredibly terrible.
Have at it, folks.


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