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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This year's Worlds Series matchup is one of the worst in recent memory for Marlins fans, featuring the Phillies, a major divisional rival, and the Yankees, the scourge of South Florida sports fans. We've seen both teams in the World Series over the past decade, but at least they faced another team we could root for. But this year's matchup is almost as bad as the Mets-Yankees matchup in 2000. All we can do is complain that the Yankees bought the pennant and the Phillies benefitted from a very weak National League, and both grievances only make us look petty.

What are Marlins fans to do? Not much, unfortunately. Aside from rooting for an act of god to postpone the series (which I guess would be sort of unethical), our options appear to be limited to apathy. Such is life sometimes. At the very least, we can live with the fact that last year's Phillies World Series victory eventually gave us a great episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...

But as a public service to our entire reader base (which is only like 30 people, but still), I'll be posting some recommended TV viewing for every night of the series, so none of you will be forced to watch this abomination of a World Series out of boredom. If you don't have cable, then read a book, I'll recommend one of those each night, too. Stay strong, Marlins fans. This will only last a week and a half, at the most. After that, we can just pretend that never happened and distract ourself with Dolphins self-pity.

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