This Is Going to be Way Better Than the Hall of Presidents

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Via Fish@Bat, I found out yesterday that the new Marlins stadium will include a $2.5 million feature (below) that utilizes animatronic Marlins to celebrate a home run. You can view a video of the proposed design at the Sun Sentinal's website (embedding is disabled, unfortunately). I think it looks pretty interesting, reminiscent of a bizarro old-timey carnival display.

But I have one suggestion that would put the feature over the top into the realm of legendary design. Let's crossbreed one of the animatronic Marlins with the giant Jason Taylor robot featured at the 2007 Dolphins-Giants game in London (below). The two would create an awesome merman, no? If I had decent photoshop skills, I would mock up a design, but instead you will have to use your imagination.

Let's make this happen, people. You can e-mail the Marlins front office at


Alex December 17, 2009 at 8:04 PM  

What about my idea for the World's Largest Pipe Organ in center field? You could put it behind the animatronic board.

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