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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marlins uber-prospect Mike Stanton is off to a hot start this spring, posting a .400/.500/.800 line in his first three games of action (ridiculously tiny sample size notwithstanding). And via comes this gem, Stanton's extra-inning home run against the Mets last week (h/t MarlinManiac). Not resting on his laurels, Stanton launched a two-run home run and robbed Lance Berkman in today's action. Keep in mind that at this point in Spring Training the pitchers are usually ahead of the catchers. I'm going to go ahead and enjoy the optimistic enthusiasm now before reality sets in, won't you join me?

UPDATE: Mike Stanton could break camp with the Marlins. If he's good enough to play now (and I'm not saying he is, just if), why not?

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