Solidifying the Roster: Positional Players

Friday, March 26, 2010

With opening day just over a week away, the Marlins are making their final roster moves. Let's take a look at how things are shaping up, starting with the positional players.

Who's In (Infielders)

  • John Baker
  • Emilio Bonifacio
  • Jorge Cantu
  • Wes Helms
  • Ronnie Paulino
  • Hanley Ramirez
  • Dan Uggla

The Baker/Paulino platoon was set in stone well before Spring Training started. Bonifacio is the new Alfredo Amezega, except less useful and more liable to induce a heart attack. He has played 50 innings in the outfield this spring, which concerns me. Helms returns as the wise old man. Uggla/Ramirez remain one of the best hitting/worst fielding double-play combinations in baseball. Jorge Cantu will be at third base this year, where he is less of a defensive liability.

Who's In (Outfielders)
  • Chris Coghlan
  • Cameron Maybin
  • Cody Ross
Until the inevitable Mike Stanton call-up, this is your starting outfield. Things could change if Uggla gets traded midseason, since Coghlan's natural positing is 2B (and I'm optimistically thinking he wouldn't be replaced with Bonifacio).

On the Bubble
  • Brian Barden
  • Brett Carroll
  • Scott Cousins
  • Jai Miller
  • Logan Morrison
  • Bryan Petersen
  • Gaby Sanchez

Barden could steal the fourth outfield spot since he can play infield and outfield (some say he is a lock for the 5th outfield spot, with Bonifacio taking the 4th spot - groans all around). I'm frankly miffed that Boni is considered to be a better reserve outfielder option than Carroll. Carroll wins on defense (which is the most important quality in a reserve outfielder, since he will often be a late-inning defensive replacement), and I think we all know Emilio cannot hit major league pitching. Clearly there is blackmail involved. It looks like Sanchez may beat out Morrison for the first-base job, which is what I expected coming into Spring Training. Things don't look so good for Miller, Cousins, or Petersen, but I'm sure that will surprise no one.


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