2010 Macropreview

Thursday, April 1, 2010

As we did last year, Ted and I have compiled as many season previews with projected finishes as we could find, and presented them in one spreadsheet for your reading pleasure. We looked at all the projection systems (CHONE, Marcel, Depth Charts, etc.) as well as major media outlets and a few of our favorite blogs. Did we miss anything? Drop us a line in the comments, and we'll add it.

Here is the spreadsheet. Like last year, the general consensus is that the Marlins will struggle to compete in the NL East. The Marlins' average projected record comes out to 80-82, good for third or fourth in the division. Only the raconteurs at Walkoff Walk think the Fish can challenge for the division title, and even they don't like the Marlins' chances. In 2009, the Marlins were projected to finish 79-83, and managed to outperform that prediction by 8 wins. Can they outperform again in 2010? Perhaps. Stranger things have happened.

This weekend Ted and I will each share our thoughts on the upcoming season and make a few predictions. Until then, perform whatever animal sacrifices you deem necessary to make sure Cody Ross' calf heals in time for Opening Day.


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