Marlins, Other Teams Struggling To Draw

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Marlins played in front of 10,119 and 10,681 on Monday and Tuesday night, respectively (or likely less, since those numbers are paid attendance), but they are not the only teams with attendance problems to start the season. Via Deadspin, Baltimore drew 9,129(!) fans on Monday. That's still three times the number of fans I saw on a July Monday night against the Expos in 2003, but damn.

Even so, the Marlins are last in average attendance in the NL so far this year, at 19,987 (only ahead of Oakland's 17,858). And that number will most likely fall a bit as the Fish get farther away from Opening Night's crowd of 40,666. As Barry at Deadspin points out, "Take an unwatchable product [he's referring to bad teams in general, and not the Marlins specifically, here], throw in a lingering recession, and there are going to be an embarrassing amount of empty seats. That's business."

I know one or two things that could be keeping people out of Sun Life Stadium, though...

Update: It's not getting any better (via SuperIgor).

Image via Deadspin


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