Opening Day Roundup

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Fish open with one particularly bad game and already some of the local the media is panicking. It's adorable, South Florida sportswriters' pessimism. It's like they think they're in New York or Boston. I'm looking at you, Greg Cote:
The first game hadn't even ended when the gallows humor began in the press box, with snarky speculation about whether Fredi Gonzalez would survive this opening three-game road series and still be around for the home opener.

Any one of 162 games makes a lousy barometer of anything, but in this case it seemed to accurately get across the notion this season and its uphill climb to playoff contention won't be easy.
Joe Capozzi was a bit more measured in his criticism:
Teams don't make the playoffs on opening day. But for all the fuss made over the winter by their front office, the Marlins didn't exactly jump out of the gates Monday like a team primed for October.
But at least Dave Hyde is still sane:
There's no sense overemphasizing Opening Day, considering there's 161 more games coming. The baseball season reads longer than Tolstoy.

Making some sweeping a prediction after Opening Day is like predicting a NFL season after the first offensive series. Still, there's this prediction after Monday:

The Marlins will play a lot better than this.

Then there's the expected harping on Twitter, but I'm not going to burden your precious souls with that...

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