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Monday, May 31, 2010

Looks like I picked a good week to go on vacation and not pay attention to baseball. Remember the other day when Ted was all conflicted about watching Roy Halladay's perfect game? Yeah, well the Marlins have given the pitching rubber from that game to Halladay, and will display home plate in the new stadium. Shouldn't we save the historic displays for the moments when the Marlins were not being historically dominated? Also, if you want a ticket stub from Saturday night's game, you can buy unused tickets from that game at face value from the Marlins. I'll let you provide the punch line.

And finally, back when the Marlins dumped Matt Lindstrom, who'd have thought that we would one day regret it? Chipper Jones, that's who:

If the Marlins had kept Matt Lindstrom [10 for 11 on saves for Houston] to go with Leo Nuñez [9 for 11], it would make for a dominant end of the bullpen. Nuñez has made great strides and has dominant stuff, but he has to settle down and not get into predictable.


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