Off Day TV Guide

Monday, May 3, 2010

Last year, we gave you some alternative TV options during the World Series. We figured we might as well revive the feature for off days during the regular season. So here's your first installment of the Off-Day TV Guide
  • 7:05pm EDT MLB, Angels at Red Sox (ESPN): Boston is climbing back towards .500% and yes I get great joy out of typing that. Reasons for watching? Perhaps Jeremy Hermida will play?
  • 8:00pm EDT NBA Playoffs, Celtics at Cavaliers (TNT): If you're a Heat fan, you probably can't stomach this one, but if your a casual sports/NBA fan, this is your classic "two teams that don't like each other, tough battle." Only Cleveland has LeBron James, so it's not that tough for them.
  • 8:00 EDT Teen Mom (MTV): Also known as "Why Abstinence-Only Education is a Horrible, Horrible Idea." I don't think you should watch this show, I just wanted to make that point.
  • 9:00 EDT American Experience: Roads To Memphis (PBS): A thorough account of the events that lead to the Martin Luther King assassination.
Or you could do what I'll probably do and just watch MLB Tonight on MLBN. I love nights when my blood pressure isn't raised significantly via the Renyel Pinto Flow Chart. As for the book recommendation, Dave suggests Tom Wolfe's debut novel, Bonfire of the Vanities:
Apparently, this was made into a movie starring Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis. You probably should not watch it.


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