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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Joe Frisaro speculates today in a blog post that everyone's favorite whipping boy, Emilio Bonifacio, could be making a return to the leadoff spot if Chris Coghlan or Cameron Maybin cannot boost their OBPs in the near future. Obviously, Ted and I think this is a HORRIBLE idea. Boni may be fast, but he is not a major league hitter. In 78 plate appearances through 19 games at AAA-New Orleans this year, Boni has 19 strikeouts to 3 walks with a line of .257/.286/.351. To sum it up in three words: Do not want.

Frisaro does note that this is but one possibility, as the Marlins are also considering batting Gaby Sanchez leadoff, promoting Bryan Petersen, or promoting Mike Stanton in June which allows the team to push his arbitration back another year. All of which seem preferable to reviving the Emilio Bonifacio Experiment.1 Let's just hope either Cogz or Maybin put it together so it doesn't come to this. It's not noon yet, and already I need a drink just thinking about it...

1Worst band name ever.


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