He's Finally Here

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Marlins announced a flurry of roster moves yesterday, including the callup of a prospect we have been waiting for all season:

What, you're not excited for ol' Henricus? Do you not tremble in anticipation of the Holland Hammer?

Okay, so the real reason everyone is excited is the callup of uberprospect Mike Stanton, the 20-year-old phenom who could be the next Dave Winfield, so long as he isn't the next Jeremy Hermida (not that you should be worried that he's wearing Hermida's old number... that's just some superstitious bs). Stanton will officially join the team tomorrow, with Mike Lamb being sent down to make room.

Today, however, ol' Henricus will return to the big club, as reliever Tim Wood is sent down. VandenHurk will likely start out in the bullpen, but he could be a potential replacement as a lefty starter if current starter Nate Robertson struggles.

And just to screw with our heads, the Marlins sent everyone's favorite defensive replacement Brett Carroll down to the minors and called up public enemy number one, Emilio Bonifacio. I have no idea how they will justify this move. The team probably wants another infielder on the bench since Lamb is being sent down. Even so, I disapprove. Bonifacio has proven himself to be a replacement-level player at best, I don't know why he is considered to be a better option than anyone else in the Marlins minor league system. He can run real fast, but that skill is negated by his inability to get on base. Is it wrong to hope a Mike Stanton batting practice foul ball hits Bonifacio in the kneecap?


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