Yer Doin' it Wrong!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For those of you that haven't heard by now, Chris Coghlan has been placed on the DL after suffering a knee injury during the pie to the face celebration following the latest Marlins walkoff win. I blame the bullpen, of course, which only adds to the long list of bad things for which they are responsible:
  • Most Marlins losses
  • Breaking Twitter
  • People with high blood pressure in South Florida
  • Lost Josh Johnson Wins and maybe a Cy Young
  • Chris Coghlan's knee injury, which will only give Emilio Bonifacio more playing time
The last item is what hurts the most. But we shall move on.

Anyway, the team will need a new postgame celebration. My thoughts? Why not just eat pie? Not a shaving cream pie obviously, my pick would be key lime. Dave suggests that no players should be allowed to hug or chest bump unless they are wearing the new team-approved victory suit.


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