Off-Day TV Guide: August 2

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Marlins are in transit to Philadelphia (or they're already there, I didn't get an itinerary), so here are tonight's viewing options.
  • 7 pm EDT, Tosh.0 (Comedy Central): If you haven't yet checked out Comedy Central's highest rated show, you can catch up on 4 episodes tonight. It's not exactly ground-breaking comedy, but very well executed and funny.
  • 7 pm EDT, Mets at Braves (ESPN): If you really need baseball, and can stand to watch one of the Marlins' rivals succeed.
  • 8 pm EDT, The Ladykillers (AMC): One of the Coen brothers' lesser films, it's still entertaining enough thanks to Tom Hanks' performance as a Southern colonel/swindler. Plus, the Coens know how to pull off a caper (see The Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, etc.), so even if they're off their game, I'll sill watch.
  • 9 pm EDT, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Comedy Central): Four episodes of one of my favorite shows, including "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life," an all-time classic.
  • Any time you want, Louie (Hulu): Since this show airs in the middle of the week, we can't cover it on an Off-Day TV Guide, so I'm cheating here. Louis CK is my absolute favorite comic of the moment (two years running), and he delivers the goods on this show. You can watch the first 5 episodes of the series on Hulu right now. Check out this clip below, in which Louis talks to a 26-year-old who likes dating older men:

Tonight's book recommendation is Star Island, the latest novel by Carl Hiaasen. I haven't read any Hiaasen in few years, so I'll be picking this up at some point. Hiaasen's fiction is has long been among my favorites, both for Hiaasen's humor and his usage of the state of Florida as a character. This one is about a fictional pop starlet in the midst of a downward spiral.


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