Off Day TV Guide: August 23rd

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Marlins are off to collect Cameron Maybin and head to New York. I'll be watching Louie on Hulu, as Dave suggested three weeks ago. Here are the rest of tonight's viewing options:
  • 7pm EDT, Seinfeld (TBS): You can never go wrong. Tonight's episodes feature Jerry's and George's pitch to NBC for the show 'Jerry.'
  • 8pm EDT, NFL Preseason Cardinals at Titans (ESPN): Matt Leinart's team versus Vince Young's team. This will be a great matchup five years ago.
  • 8pm EDT, Bachelor Pad (ABC): If you like train wrecks, this is your show.
  • 8:15pm EDT, No Country For Old Men (SpikeTV): Dave would never let us pass up a chance to recommend a Coen brothers film.
  • 10pm EDT, MLB Reds at Giants (ESPN2): Late night baseball, and a chance to see Cody Ross (probably not).
And Dave's book recommendation: Having become thoroughly immersed in the fourth season of Mad Men, I'll recommend Mad Men Unbuttoned: A Romp Through 1960s America, written by Natasha Vargas-Cooper, proprietor of the insightful Footnotes of Mad Men blog. It's history for people who don't like to read history. Pair it with the magisterial Age of Contradiction by Howard Brick, and you've got the 1960s covered, highbrow and lowbrow.


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