Bye Andrew

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last night the Marlins traded LHP Andrew Miller to the Red Sox for LHP Dustin Richardson. Here are his career numbers, he's probably not a diamond in the rough. He strikes out hitters at a good clip but also walks a lot of batters. It looks like the Marlins are hoping he can be a situational lefty out of the bullpen next year, though that is just a guess on my part.Red Sox blog Over the Monster wrote of Richardson, "Richardson wasn't likely to crack the bullpen out of spring training, and probably didn't have much beyond a middle/long relief ceiling." Of course, we would take any effective bullpen arm we can get, so if this gamble pays off, all the better it only cost the Marlins Miller.

We would not even be mentioning this trade were it not for the fact that the Marlins acquired Miller in the Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis trade with the Tigers in the winter of 2007. Miller never lived up to the hype surrounding him as a first-round pick out of UNC, posting a career ERA of 5.84 thus far and spending most of 2010 in the minors. Truthfully, it looks like the Marlins gave up on Miller about a year after Marlins fans did. That's the breaks with high profile prospects, though. Sometimes Harold Baines yields Sammy Sosa, other times Jay Buhner yields Ken Phelps.


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