Batting Practice Day

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots of goings on at the new ballpark today mainly centered around a batting practice session for some of the players. Some highlights:

- Owner Jeffrey Loria installed the first seat in the ballpark

#Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria installs 1st seat at new ballpark on Twitpic

The joke writes itself.

- You know for as giant of a head as Billy the Marlin has, you'd think they'd give him a bigger hardhat. That can't meet OSHA requirements.

Billy the Marlin gives new #Marlins ballpark thumbs up on Twitpic

- Logan Morrison with the first huge blast of the day

"Logan Morrison just put one in the second deck at the new Marlins ballpark. First BP there today."
- Mike Stanton wasn't impressed
"Mike Stanton just a hit ball into the upper deck/catwalk at new Marlins Stadium"
- And here is video of some of Hanley's swings, courtesy of the great AP reporter Tim Reynolds

- More video, a psuedo-360-degree tour of the ballpark, from Manny Navarro.

Man I wish this ballpark was completed already, it's going to be great. Actually, they should have just played the 2011 season in the unfinished ballpark. Plant the grass, cap the attendance at a low number, hardhat giveaway every day! Oh well, just 78 more rain delays to go...


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