Edwin Rodriguez: Master of Nonsensical Baseball Talk

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Miami Herald profiles Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez today, and here's what he thinks the team needs to do to succeed in 2011:

  1. Win more one-run games. The Marlins were 23-28 in one-run games last year. Of course, in all sports, a team's record in one-score games is largely the result of luck. For instance, the 2003 Tigers, one of the worst teams in MLB history, had a .514 winning percentage in one-run games. Their overall winning percentage that year? .265. When Tom Verducci looks for sleeper teams, he identifies teams that did poorly in one-run games the year before, since they can improve simply from a regression to the mean.
  2. "We're going to teach them to win those close games." If only it were that easy, I'd quit blogging and become a high-paid baseball consultant. If Edwin had the formula for winning one-run games, he would have already shared it with the Marlins. Nice try, Edwin.
  3. Don't try for the three-run home run, especially against the Phillies, because "you’re not going to see those guys on Philadelphia allowing a three-run home run too often." Earl Weaver begs to differ. If Hanley Ramirez or Mike Stanton are up with runners on base, then by all means go for the fences with less than two strikes.
  4. "Winning, I think, is an attitude." I'm about to pass out from the cliches. If Edwin is going to resort to this old-school bs all year I'm going to tire of it pretty quickly.


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