A Fan's Guide For Following the 2011 Florida Marlins

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nowadays, the picture to the right is outdated. Nobody sits and reads a newspaper as their primary source of news an analysis of their favorite topics. Most people use the internet. And because of that, I've compiled a quick guide of the best ways to follow the Marlins for this upcoming 2011 season.

News Sites

The physical papers may be dying, but the industry isn't going away I don't think.

Official Marlins Site
Miami Herald
Palm Beach Post

Mainstream Media Blogs

Dave and I think that the two Joes are the best beat writers, even though Frisaro is an Alabama fan.

Joe Frisaro (MLB.com) - The Fish Pond
Joe Capozzi (Palm Beach Post) - The Fish Tank
Juan C. Martinez (Sun-Sentinel) - Meh, doesn't really have a title
Manny Navarro and Clark Spencer (Miami Herald) - Fish Bytes

Non-Mainstream Media Blogs

Fish Stripes is the best Marlins blog community. Under the powerful SB Nation umbrella, it's pretty much the place for all Marlins news and commentary presented in a blog style. There's a good amount of comments (especially on game threads) and also the cool Ichthyomancy contest. Don't worry, I had to look up the definition for that word too.

Another great one under the Fan-Sided umbrella is Marlin Maniac. Michael presents a smart statistics-driven look at the ball club with strong knowledge of Sabrmetrics.

And finally, if you're looking for a strictly humorous Marlins site, check out the new (NSFW) Strip Club With Stanton.

We also have other Marlins links in the sidebar on the left of the page. Check them all out.


Since a large part of our traffic comes from our Twitter community, I'll assume most of you already know of our Marlins Twitter Directory and follow it. If you don't, I'll try to sum it up. Pretty much all of the writers and bloggers listed above use Twitter. They use it for the following:

  1. Links to their columns/posts
  2. Quick updates that don't necessitate entire blog entry
  3. Breaking news before writing formal column/post
  4. Jokes, some good, some bad, but always entertaining
There are now four major players that use it (Logan Morrison, Gaby Sanchez, Mike Stanton, and Hanley Ramirez). They update some about their personal life and some about baseball. Both Gaby and LoMo (especially LoMo) also interact with their fans and may respond to questions or comments.

In addition to that, many Marlins fans are on Twitter and share their thoughts on the team. During and after games it basically becomes a live chat. It's fun. I recommend giving it a shot but if you don't want to sign up and start posting yourself, you can still read and follow the list by using this link.


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