It's Almost Here: Announcing Preview Week

Monday, February 21, 2011

Holy hell, was this offseason terrible.

I'm not referring to the Marlins' hot stove activity (but I'll get to that later), just the offseason itself. All my other favorite teams have brought me nothing but anxiety and ennui. The Dolphins completely shit the bed, and look about as lost as they did during their 1-15 2007 season at times. Simultaneously, the Hurricanes faded to the worst degree in my memory, ending the season by firing their coach and losing to Notre Dame (!) in bowl season. The Heat started off in a lackluster faction, but even when they went on a 21-1 stretch, I couldn't relax while watching them (I blame Mario Chalmers). Ted even went to a Panthers game. They lost, of course. But baseball season is almost here.

The Marlins' offseason was hit and miss. They extended Ricky Nolasco (finally), but traded Dan Uggla once it became clear he would not accept a four-year extension (and don't get me started on my ambivalence for that guy). Even so, I'm relieved the season is almost here. When a football team collapses, it happens so fast. At one point, your favorite team is beating its archrival on the road. One week later, they are losing to an inferior outfit at home. The Marlins have hit a low ceiling repeatedly over the past four years, but it happens at a slow pace sufficient to dull any state of shock. Dolphins seasons are a car wreck, whereas Marlins seasons are like beach erosion. I'm disappointed that it happened after the fact, but I barely notice that it is happening at the time, and I feel only moderately regretful when the process reaches its conclusion.

But enough about that. It's a new season, so we can wait awhile before succumbing to pessimism. We've even got a new masthead for you, commemorating the final season at Joe Robbie Pro Player Dolphin Landshark Sun Life Stadium. Last year's Marlins Diehards macropreview projected an 80-82 record for the Fish, and behold! It was dead on. The Marlins were actually one game worse than their Pythagorean record of 81-81. It's Spring Preview Week at Marlins Diehards, so we'll be getting you ready for the upcoming campaign. Tomorrow, I'll examine the pitching staff. On Wednesday, Ted will take a look at position players. Thursday and Friday are TBD, but we'll have a nice surprise for you.

Other programming notes: Starting this weekend, we'll resume the Spring Training weekend roundups, recapping the best and most bizarre profiles of returning veterans and obscure minor leaguers from the beat writers. We'll cap off Spring Training with another Marlins Diehards macropreview.

Once the season gets going, we'll bring back the Week in Review and Off-Day TV Guide (I've got so many book recommendations for you - I want to make MDH readership the most literate sports blog audience in the world - not a tall task). Finally, Ted and I are also lining up some guest content that we're sure you'll enjoy. Let's make 2011 a season to remember.


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