Somehow We're Not Surprised

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jeff Pearlman on the Marlins media relations staff:

Of all the teams, the Marlins are easily—like, without question—the absolute worst. Their players are fine, and their manager is probably fine. But their media outfit is laughably minor league. This is not a compliment.

The team's media relations director is a guy named Matt Roebuck, and while he might be a pleasant fellow, he's botching this thing, big time. If I'm the Marlins—a second-rate ballclub that nobody pays to see play—I'm begging for media attention. Begging for it. I’m opening my doors to reporters, pitching stories about this guy, that guy, this milestone, that milestone. I want to be covered, because I need people to care.
Read the whole thing here. Pearlman also adds that the Marlins "behave as if they're the Yankees," with regard to their attitude towards the media. We're fond of calling Jeff Loria "George Steinbrenner with less money." Apparently we're not the only ones who've made that observation.


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