Spring is Here, Let's Go Get It

Friday, February 25, 2011

[Last year, Ted penned this recommendation to attend a Spring Training game, and we could not think of a better note on which to close Spring Preview Week. The original is posted in its entirety below.]

Later today the Marlins will kick off another Spring in Jupiter, FL by continuing the tradition of playing the University of Miami. Just thinking about the first pitch got me excited and made me think of the handful of games I've gone to at Roger Dean Stadium the last few years. I immediately did something that all of you should start doing as well, plan a trip to a Spring Training game.

The atmosphere at a game is very unique and can't be properly described. You have to just experience it. It has a very homey, laid back, intimate vibe which is what baseball should be like. There are the old local retirees who attend every game, every March, every year. Talk to them. Just say, "Hi," and then start listening to them while you can also hear the crack of the bat and the banter of the players in the background because they are that close. Talk baseball. With anyone. You'll never be able to talk casually with other teams' fans as comfortably as this. Nobody brags or jokes about any team. It is truly an interesting fandom that exists among the crowds at Spring Training. Everyone cares about baseball more than their team, and that's very refreshing. Speaking of refreshments, grab a beer (or soda) and some stadium food which is better and cheaper than anything you can find at Dolphin Landshark Sun Life Stadium.

Now it's not that easy for me or anyone else living in Miami. Jupiter is a good 60-80 minute drive and with the games usually played during the day, planning is a necessity. If you don't live in Florida, then I guess you'll have to either plan an extravagant trip or wait until you retire here. Just get to Roger Dean as soon as possible. It's worth it.

Enjoy the baseball everyone!


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