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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Florida Marlins’ Burke Badenhop aims for roster spot, movie script, by Manny Navarro (Miami Herald):

The 28-year old right hander not only wants to cement his spot in the Marlins bullpen this spring, he's also hoping to go Hollywood soon, too. An aspiring script writer, Badenhop said he and friend Kris Braun, the 31-year old son of an agent, are collaborating on a screenplay they hope to pitch in the not-so-distant future.

They already have a connection: Marlins equipment manager John Silverman, who knows the agent of comedian Will Ferrell. Badenhop said he can't divulge the premise of his screenplay, but it's a comedy.

"Some guys play video games, I’m trying to write a movie," said Badenhop, who graduated from Bowling Green with a degree in economics and whose favorite movies are Superbad, Dumb and Dumber and Major League.
Where have we read this before...

Veteran Greg Dobbs hoping his bat wins him a spot with Florida Marlins, by Jason Lieber (PBP):
He should get plenty of opportunities this week as the Marlins look to trim their roster. At 32 he is the second-oldest of the 13 infielders on the team. The only older player in that group is Wes Helms, 34, who has been with Florida the past three seasons.
Florida Marlins' Emilio Bonifacio is adjusting to role as Mr. Fill-In by Manny Navarro:
Emilio Bonifacio believes he's going to be an everyday player again in the major leagues.

Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez and hitting coach John Mallee believe he will, too. But until that day comes — when Bonifacio proves his bat can be just as consistent as his glove — the Marlins' speediest player said he will happily continue to serve as Mr. Fill-In.

"I've always been an everyday player, so in the beginning I was kind of uncomfortable with this job last year," Bonifacio said. He started 106 games for the Marlins in 2009, then worked his way up from the minors last season and became the team's utility player.
Marlins' sloppy play sets off Gaby Sanchez, by Ted Hutton (Sun Sentinel):
"We embarrassed the Marlins today. It was just bad baseball, awful baseball," Sanchez said after the Marlins made five errors in the first four innings in a listless 10-0 loss to the Mets at Digital Domain Park. [ed.: How adorable that he's upset. Someone give Gaby a hug.]
Bonus Mets Content! Ronny Paulino finally expected to arrive at Mets' camp Saturday, by D.J. Short (HardballTalk)
According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Ronny Paulino finally made it to the United States today after an extended delay due to visa issues in his native Dominican Republic.

Paulino, who signed a one-year, $1.3 million contract with the Mets over the winter, is expected to report to camp tomorrow.

Man, you think the Mets would have learned their lesson with Ramon Castro. Stay away from former Marlins catchers.*

*Mike Piazza is not a former Marlin catcher.


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