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Thursday, March 10, 2011

There has been a lack of posting here. We had the Spring Training Preview Week a couple weeks ago. We have the daily (well almost) countdown to opening day. But other than that it's been pretty quiet. As Strip Club With Stanton eloquently put it, Spring Training kind of sucks. I have actually had a huge amount of time to write and post. I've had some sort of mega-cold that's sweeping through Miami1 and every morning I sit down at my computer and think, "What can I write about the Marlins?" and come up empty. Dave and I probably could have stretched out our previews a little bit, but Marlin Maniac has pretty much dominated that, no need for overkill. I'd comment about the games, but seriously it'd just be rehashing beat reporters' tweets and posts, kinda pointless. It will probably get a little better starting this weekend, because some games will be on TV. That should provide some sense of normalcy as I can see with my own eyes such treasured things like a LoMo double, JJ strikeout, Bonifacio pop-out bunt. In the meantime, sorry for the lack of interest.

PS: Come on Miami Heat! You were supposed to make the month of March bearable. Instead it's worse! My suggestion? Petition the NBA to make games only 40 minutes long.

1 Seriously, if you live in South Florida, raise your anti-get-sick guard to its highest level. This virus is a bad one that knocks you out for about two weeks. All you can do is take over the counter cold meds and wait until you get better.


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