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Friday, March 18, 2011

Earlier today, the Mets surprisingly (or not) cut Luis Castillo. It's not too big of a surprise considering the writing has been on the wall. There have been several reports this Spring about new Mets manager Terry Collins not being sold with the idea of keeping Luis Castillo as starting second baseman. The surprising part is that Castillo is in the final year of his deal and earning $6 million, which the Mets will have to pay in its entirety. Judge on your own whether this deserves the #MetsSchadenfreude tag.

End of story right? Wrong. Of course Luis being a former Marlin had fans instantly tweeting whether the team should consider bringing him back. And before you knew it, the beat writers started the blog posts detailing how the team is already talking internally about perhaps acquiring him.

Good idea? We're going to have to disagree. Look, it sounds logical. If Dominguez isn't ready to play third, Infante could. And Luis would play second. Except that unfortunately Castillo doesn't offer too much right now. Last year he hit just .235. His impact in the field has diminished as well. Without going too in-depth with FanGraphs numbers, just trust us that his gold glove days are well behind him.

The projections say he would rebound at the plate a bit. Plus, Rob Neyer thinks he was still the Mets' best option at 2B (of course he was). But do the Marlins need another table-setter? They already have Coghlan, Infante, and even LoMo as good on-base guys and line drive hitters. Dominguez won't hit for as good of an average, but he does offer some pop. Plus he'll be much better in the field and keep Infante at his preferred and better position. For a team that has stressed defense so much, still without any tangible evidence of improvement, this would seem the logical move. We love Luis Castillo as much as any Marlins fan should, but bringing him back would not be beneficial.


@RoderickCrowley March 19, 2011 at 1:59 AM  

Greetings from Chile, guys.

As I told you in Twitter, Ted, Castillo is essentially a waste of a roster spot.

Now, the guy can't hit, run, field or throw to save his life.

Even though he won 3 Gold Gloves, received the same number of All-Star nominations and holds several all-time club records (GP, R, H, 3B, SB, CS, BB and that 35-game hitting streak in 2002), those are part of a distant past.

I'd rather have Bonifacio over him. At least he can run.

Ted March 19, 2011 at 11:56 AM  

Yeah I agree. As much as we rag on Bonifacio, his defense at 2B is competent and of course he is very speedy when on the bases.

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