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Friday, April 1, 2011

I was going to do my official team preview in one tweet under 140 characters. Let's face it, there's been enough content here and throughout the interwebs that we know what this year's team is about. Plus, as you saw in the Macropreview, everyone has basically the same projection for the team. Instead, I'll make it a few sentences and finish around 140 words. For a longer look on the team outlook this year, check out Dave's preview for NBC Miami. My abridged view starts now.

Different names, same results. Basically that's how most feel and I'm not too different. I like the change in mentality; getting on base, station-to-station baseball, improved bullpen. Except I'm not convinced on that last part. Time will tell, but the only way to convince me the bullpen is improved is to see it. I do agree with the notion this team could make the playoffs however. The key is that this team has zero depth and can't absorb any injuries to big players. They also need almost everyone to perform at or above their ceiling, considering there really aren't any avenues for personnel improvements during the year. If not, then we'll have to grin and bear it as the Marlins Mediocrity March continues. Enjoy the season everybody.


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