Update on New Ballpark with Photos and Info

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Over at the MarlinsBaseball.com forums, user TheChickenRuns@Midnight recently posted some photos and information on the new ballpark from what looks like a recent stadium tour he was on.

(click images to enlarge)

Oh man that shot from the first base side looking towards left field with the city skyline in the background is awesome. Clearly it will be one of the nicest areas to sit.

There is also some info from a Q&A with the guide.
Lots of bars. Apparently more bars than this guy has ever seen in a ballpark/stadium.

If the temp outside is less than 75 the roof/glass stays open. If its at or above they close them.

The roof is almost done. Once they finish it they aren't as concerned about hurricanes since the majority of the work will be inside. I think he said it will be done in 2 months so cross your fingers...

Not a bad seat in the house. We walked down the 3rd baseline and to the foul pole. Still feels like you have great seats. We didn't leave the main area that wraps around the ballpark but its easy to tell there wont be a bad seat.

7500 sqft restaurant will be open all year and will be like a Duffys or Alehouse (examples given to me). Also a smoothie and Mexican place.
There are a few more photos and some more info if you go to the full thread.


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