Marlins in Disarray

Friday, June 10, 2011

At NBCMiami:

Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison asserted what many Marlins fans were thinking when the team fired hitting coach John Mallee this week: team owner Jeffrey Loria made the decision to fire Mallee, and for he did so for reasons not entirely baseball-related.
Kudos to LoMo for delicately accusing Loria of scapegoating the hitting coach. It's a bullshit power move not intended to "light a fire under the players" or some other nonsensical justification, but to remind everyone who is in charge.

Even Edwin Rodriguez knows what is going on:
But manager Edwin Rodriguez understands exactly what is going on, though. He says all baseball coaches know that they are "just passing through," acknowledging that Loria can't exactly fire his players. "If we keep losing, I don't know what's going to happen," he added.
Not that he should be in the dark. The same exact move got him his job as manager last year when Loria canned Fredi Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, the Marlins lost another game last night. Surely new hitting coach Eduardo Perez (career OPS+: 97) can teach them situational hitting!

Additional reading: Marlin Maniac hits it out of the park. SWCS, too.


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